… all of it adding to the allure of the girl… Suddenly gone.
I often wonder what she thought, on that waning summer night, as the shovel came down. Slashing through skin, driving into bone. As the lights faded out on her mischievous game that she flippantly referred to as life. Was she scared as her body started to waver? As she stared up from the ground, as the sod began to surround her, as her lungs filled with dirt? Was she scarred, or deep down did she know it was the only way it could have been. An unpleasant finish, but a captivating end.  Or was it only the beginning…?
… She was heaven in hell. A chilling inferno. Deliciously wicked, when standing with saints. Hopelessly innocent yet laughing with sin. The capability to touch you as softly as only a child could. Shaded by the power to drive you to fury filled by the wrath of a vengeful old man. No shock that she’s lost… not a wonder that she’s gone. Less that she’s talked about long after her day. She’d make you laugh but rather you cry. And believe me, you would. But only in time… and always on hers. As lovable as they come and as cruel as the world’s ever known.

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Shay Mitchell out for a lunch with friends [March 24]

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Pretty Little Liars. Spencer,Hanna and Emily.4.20”Free FallSneak Peek

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